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How to Make Drinking Water Safer with Natural Disinfection Processes

If you're like the vast majority of the population, you're consuming this every single day - and that's a problem because a study has found rates for rectal cancers for both sexes escalated with...

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The War on Water Is a Very Real Crisis

21 Mar 2017 | 24,116 Views

From farmers draining aquifers for industrial agriculture to rising water prices making this crucial element unaffordable for millions, the world is facing a water crisis the likes of which we’ve never seen. Pollution, over-fishing and even chemical spills from railway accidents are further stresses on the world’s water supplies.

Why Pharma Should Pay for Your Water Treatment

08 Feb 2017 | 33,062 Views

Access to clean, pure water is vital to your health. Unfortunately, soluble compounds released into the sewer system through disposal or your body elimination are not adequately cleared by wastewater treatment plants, exposing you and your family to unwanted chemicals. I give you several options to reduce your risk.

Water Supports Health in Ways You May Never Have Suspected

28 Jan 2017 | 308,441 Views

And so does exposing your bare skin to this, or walking in a certain way. Believe it or not, your heart isn't even responsible for the blood flow - it's this. And it triggers the release of nitric oxide, which boosts blood flow by relaxing your blood vessels.

United States Is Turning Into a Factory Farm for China, With Devastating Environmental Consequences

06 Dec 2016 | 93,734 Views

And even worse, US politicians are greasing the skids for this to happen. While a foreign country is rapidly buying up America's heartland as well as food producers, they are leaving behind polluted waterways, depleted water supplies and devastated soils, all for their own benefit. Have we become their personal factory farm?

The Liquidity Crisis

29 Nov 2016 | 21,766 Views

Billions of people worldwide are struggling due to water stress and scarcity. In the US, drought-stricken California has resorted to paying residents to rip out lawns and is mulling desalination operations while other states, like Florida, struggle with tainted water due to the production of agricultural fertilizers.

The Most Incredible Image of US Waterways

08 Nov 2016 | 27,117 Views

Geologists are using new software to create stunning pictures of US river basins, showing their routes in colorful high-resolution prints. The interconnectedness of the waterways is strikingly apparent, as is the ability of pollution to quickly travel throughout the entire united system.

‘Poisoned Waters’ - An In-Depth Look at the Sources and Impact of Water Pollution

05 Nov 2016 | 101,675 Views

Considered healthy by almost everyone, how could this drink end up contaminated with lead, PFAs and pharmaceutical drugs? Fish with cancerous lesions are becoming more common. Do you know what the largest water polluter in the US is, and if you are part of the problem?

Water Wars - Destroying the Essence of Life

18 Oct 2016 | 23,321 Views

At least 15 million Americans depend on the Mississippi River for water, but its headwaters are being polluted by industrial agriculture. Increased nitrate concentration in drinking water, which is linked to cancer and birth defects, is just one of the devastating consequences.

How 1 Company Is Helping Solve Clean Water Crisis

08 Oct 2016 | 171,572 Views

It's not safe to drink and thousands are being forced to break the law to protect their families. It's very, very, very sad. But here's an easy and inexpensive way to fight back.

Global Water Pollution Has Reached Frightening High

01 Oct 2016 | 148,035 Views

A whopping 16.5 million Americans have detectable levels of PFAS in their water, especially in these 13 states. Linked to obesity, thyroid disease, hormonal problems, impaired immune function, high cholesterol and even some cancers, PFASs are tough to filter out. How to effectively remove up to 90 percent of these chemicals.


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